It's Christmas Eve and soon I will be heading to Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jenn's for our traditional Christmas Eve festivities! There will be delicious food, laughter, eggnog, and of course the exchanging of gifts by the tree.

This year, however, we've started a new tradition. And I'm quite excited about it! Since our family continues to grow, we decided to start a grab bag for gifts for our family 18+. And this year, I was lucky enough to pick my Aunt Jennifer.


Aunt Jennifer. She's a beautiful woman, inside and out. I will never forget the day she married my uncle Brucie. Her hair had the most perfect stack of curls! I remember at the age of 11 being in such admiration of her beauty. It was an honor to be a "jr bridesmaid" and get to wear a dress similar to the real bridesmaids. I remember walking down the isle with such a serious face, everyone said to smile! But I was too concentrated on making it down the isle while everyone stared at me. My Uncle Brucie is a special man and I am so glad he found Jennifer!

What I love about Jennifer is that she too has a big heart for family. She may not be a Graci by blood, but she is by love. And it's all just the same. She fits in quite perfectly. She always makes everyone feel welcome. Especially when there is someone new introduced into the family; Aunt Jennifer will go out of her way to make sure they feel comfortable and loved. And, when it comes to family and big family reunions, not only does she open up her home, but she knows who is who in my family better than I do!

Aunt Jennifer always makes sure to ask how you are doing. She is sweet and caring and takes a genuine interest in who you are and what you're doing with your life. She always takes such good care of me when I'm with her. She definitely has that mom quality!

Aunt Jennifer will often be the one to take the lead and get things done in any situation. She is an extremely hard worker. She travels into the city each day by train, working long hours, only to return home and take care of her boys. Not only that but she finds time to take care of herself too. She takes pride in her health, and she's always well dressed. I remember watching the boys when they were little and Aunt Jenn and Uncle Bruce would go out, Aunt Jenn would always ask me how her outfit looked and if she looked like she was trying to hard. You definitely always looked great Aunt Jenn, and you still do! I always love your outfits. I truly admire you for your courage and strength and your approach to life.

I've especially enjoyed the times spent as I got older and being able to go out with my aunts and uncles or enjoy some wine together. Aunt Jennifer is always so much fun. Some of my favorite memories were dancing at the summer BBQs in her backyard; now we can dance together at the club. Haha! I can always count on aunt Jennifer to be on the dance floor with me.

It's no question that she loves her boys with all her heart. Logan and Jake are both sweethearts and have a genuine love for their family the way uncle Bruce and aunt Jenn do.

Aunt Jennifer, I thank you for the love you've shared with me. For always trusting me in your home with your boys and your pups, for your constant encouragement, support and kind words. And for being an awesome role model in so many aspects of life. I love you so much and I am incredibly thankful to have you as my Aunt!