Journey to Presence

November has felt like a whirl wind. In fact, it has felt like a whirl wind for months. So many big things have happened, so many questions have I asked, so many thoughts running through my mind. And it’s still happening. And it keeps spinning faster.

What happened to feeling thanks? What happened to making time for me? So many times I have asked myself these questions to redirect my focus.

And now, I am here, taking the time to organize my thoughts, to start reading, to get “back on track.” To live with intention. It is not that I have let the wind guide my steps, or that I have lost all intent and purpose in the last few months. If I sit down and reflect on the things I have done, I have taken many steps in the “right” direction for myself. It is like I have been experiencing a growth spirt, but not in a physical way, in a personal way, and on so many levels.

One thing I have done very consistently, with intention, is give thanks, and write the Word. These two things, take so little time, yet have kept me grounded.

This time has been a lot about family. About spending time with the people I love dearly. About making time. About being present. That is not to say that during these days I have mastered being present, in fact, I think I failed greatly at it. But what I did discover, was my lack of presence, and how it is hurting not only me, but the people I love. I want to fix it.

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the many people in my life. I wish there were more time. More time to sit, to talk, to sip coffee or wine, to share stories. I wish I could do this with every person I have met, to learn something, to be inspired. But truth be told, there isn’t enough time in the world for that! Why not start with one? Why not make time with one person, to be present, to listen, to laugh, to learn. One person per week. Maybe the same person, maybe someone different. Imagine what a difference we could make in each others’ lives if we all made more time for relationships.

So as I begin the month of Christmas, a sweet, sweet month, I want to begin to think about the many gifts that I have been blessed with: beautiful human gifts.

In my family we have a birthday tradition to share with whomever’s birthday it is the reasons why we are thankful for them, and what it is we love about them. From September to now we have shared several birthdays, and it has been the sweetest and most beautiful time to hear others bless with their kind words and to know the difference we have made in the lives of others.

My desire for December is to share some of these moments with you, to introduce you to some of these beautiful humans that I am blessed to know and love and be loved by. I am so grateful. My heart is so full. I thank God for all of you.