Conversational Threads

" Conversational threads are what make up the fabric of relationships. We must take time-make time-to talk."

As I was thinking about my next blog, my intention was to write something about nature, travel, creation and the beauty in the world. Then I thought, how can I begin to talk about the beauty of the world without first identifying the most beautiful creatures on this earth: humans.

I am probably one of the most "quiet" people you will ever meet. I do not talk a lot, especially about my feelings. But I do think a lot, and my mind is certainly not a quiet one. In fact, sometimes it can be quite loud. I am one of those people who thinks before they speak, however, often times I do not get past the thinking part, so the speaking part is far and few between. I often find that my thoughts take over and before you know it the conversation has moved on to an entirely new topic. Admittedly, this is something I need to work on. In the mean time, what I have learned about myself in the past year is that I can somewhat overcome this in smaller groups, or even better one-on-one. And what became even more undeniable was that I needed that one-on-one time just as much as I needed my "me-time."I need to make time for those meaningful conversational threads because they are my most fulfilling experiences.

Lately it is hard to make time for the important things. I have been finding myself falling into a "less-intentional" way of life; more of a "go with the flow" vibe. And while that can be refreshing sometimes, after too much flowing, I find myself approaching the waterfall and at that point I've lost all control, I'm going over. And this is by no means one of those thrilling moments, it's more like I begin to drown in my emotions, I lose sight of the truth and then I withdrawal. And those beautiful humans in my life, they are all wondering what's going on. The closest ones often get pushed away, unintentionally. And if you are one of those people, I truly am sorry for allowing myself to get caught up in the current and in turn, pushing you aside.

The important thing in all of this is that I realize that this is my opportunity. I now know what I need to do. But knowing does not always mean I make the right choice. It will be a continual process as I continue to grow and to learn who I am; yes at 31 I am still learning and growing. It's funny, at 16 I thought I had this all down...

If I am going to be intentional about my life, I need to start with the relationships I have. I need to make them priority. If you know me, then you know my family, those beautiful humans that share the same blood, they are everything to me. And it was not until the past couple years that I really started to get to know most of them. And I still have a long way to go. Aside from family, I have some really great life friends. The kinds of friends that you know are going to be with you forever. These are the people that I will love unconditionally. Life without love is not much of an adventure if you ask me. And I am not just talking about the romantic kind of love. I am talking about the kind of love that drives you to move mountains for people, that keeps on giving when you feel like you have got nothing left. The kind of love that creates beautiful people. The kind of love that heals the broken. The kind of love that is truth. Because it is this kind of love that makes the world beautiful.

The many places that I have had the privilege to travel to, the many places that I have seen that are absolutely breathtaking, they come from some kind of love, some kind of passion. There are humans that dwell in these places and many of these humans, and the ones that came before them, put a lot of sweat and blood into the land that they call home. Those beautiful buildings, there is so much love there, and the mountains that soar, the beautiful seas, they are made by the One who first loved us; the One who inspires real, true, unconditional love.

So how do we even begin to experience this? How do we get the most out of this life? For me, I think it has a lot to do with relationships. We need to make time. We need to be present. We need to put down the phone, and we need to see people. We need to experience the truth, the beauty, the life that is inside of our souls. And we need to allow ourselves to love and be loved.

"We make time for relationships by thinking about them when scheduling our lives." 

That's where we begin-by being intentional about our relationships. That's where I am going to start anyway.