I must say that it was not easy to figure out what my aspirations are for thirty-two and how I was going to, in the words of Lara Casey, “cultivate what matters.” I felt like thirty-one got away from me and I felt as though I didn’t follow through on many of the goals I had set for myself. But I need to give myself grace and be thankful for the things I did accomplish. Thirty-two started off looking quite different from years past. I was already well into August and so many changes were happening, but most of these changes were happing unintentionally. So this year I decided that I would embrace the changes. They might not all be changes happening by choice, but the way that I choose to embrace and accept them will surely make for a better year.

So all things new, thirty-two. #allthingsnew32

So, what’s new, you ask; so many things, things on the surface and things deep within. But the biggest change happening this year, I should say, the most noticeable from an outside view, is in my career. I have put a lot of thought into this decision and feel it’s time. In October I will be stepping down from my position as store manager at Starbucks in order to pursue my passions. I will be transferring to another store to be a shift supervisor. This was not an easy decision to make; mainly because I’m comfortable, I’ve been there for four and a half years and I’m making a comfortable salary, I like my team and the commute isn't so bad, so why would I want to change that? Because I believe my purpose on this earth is greater. And frankly, if I stay where I am I’m not only occupying a spot for someone else who could potentially develop my store and my partners even further, I am also doing a disservice my partners by not giving them my all. I know it’s what I need to do, I know that it’s going to teach me to be better with my finances, to budget, to appreciate the things I already have, and to really focus on what’s important in this life: humanity.
To most this may seem like a step backwards, but for me it’s a step forward in so many ways. I have to be brave and I have to trust that there’s a bigger and better future out there. If I want to live intentionally, I should probably start with the area that takes up most of my time; my career. Sure I could stay at Starbucks as a store manager and remain “comfortable.” But there’s so much more to life than being comfortable. I want to finish my degree and I want to spend more time doing the things that ignite the fire within me. I want to teach ballet, I want to dance, I want to help others, I want to fight human trafficking, I want to be a compassionate entrepreneur and empower other women globally, I want to use my creativity; I want to have a sense of purpose. So in my mind I am taking a giant leap forward and I couldn’t be more excited (and nervous) about it! 

It has taken me some time to come to terms with being thirty-two and still single, especially while a lot of my friends are married and many of them with children. It may not be where I saw myself, but I'm okay with that for now. I do have some pretty incredible friends, ones that no matter where we are in life we will always remain steadfast in our friendship with one another, and we will continue to learn from and grow with each other. I have learned to be grateful for where I am, and rather than spend my time waiting, I’m going to put my best foot forward and continue cultivating the life I was made for. I am going to be content with uncomfortability (that might be a made up word, but it makes sense to me); because if I’m satisfied without mobility I will begin to lose sight of my goals, and I risk the chance of failing to reach my full potential. 

In two weeks I will be in a new store with the chance to meet, impact and be impacted by other people. I will be back to school at ASU, pursuing my degree in psychology, while teaching ballet alongside my near and dear friend at Artistic Visions, fighting human trafficking by taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator at Love True, and empowering women through Trades of Hope. It’s a lot, and it’s scary, but I am ready for the challenge! After all, there couldn’t be a better time than now! 

"Just one step forward could change the course of your life-and the lives of others-forever." - Lara Casey, Cultivate What Matters